The Latest on Rowley & Issaquah

Rowley Properties Illuminates the Path to a Brighter Future with Solar Power Initiative

Issaquah, WA, May 10, 2024 — In a big stride towards a more sustainable future, Rowley Properties has proudly unveiled a new solar panel array atop its Gilman office building at 1505 NW Gilman Boulevard. This cleaner-energy initiative was launched with a festive ribbon-cutting ceremony, by Issaquah’s Mayor Mary Lou Pauly. Amidst community leaders, and

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Issaquah’s Urban Renaissance…

Discover the evolving essence of Issaquah, dubbed the Trailhead City, as it embraces urbanization while cherishing its outdoor heritage. Once a quaint retreat nestled amid mountains and lake, Issaquah has transformed into a bustling hub, attracting major corporations like Costco and REI. With a burgeoning multifamily housing scene, the city’s central core is witnessing a

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Rowley Properties Honored with 2023 Generations of Success Awards and Looks Forward to 2024!

Rowley Properties Issaquah was thrilled to be honored as a Generations of Success 2023 Award winner by the Northwest Family Business Advisors. During the award presentation yesterday, our CEO, Kari Magill, spoke about the past and future of the company and then took part in a panel with the other honorees, Smeraldo Restaurant Group and

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