Office Hours


We’ve seen a rapid acceleration of technological shift and consumer behaviors these past two years.  The internet, social media and artificial intelligence have shaped our expectations of the digital world.  Meanwhile, the pandemic also forced us all to identify what’s important and how and where we spend our time.  In the past our focus was “do” and we were busy running from one thing to the next as we tried to pack our lives with meetings, achievements, and accomplishments.  That has shifted and today, “be” seems to be the new norm.  We’ve had time to reflect and alter how we integrate both work and our lives and, in many cases, they’ve just blended together.  As Omicron settles down and the mask mandate is lifted, a return to “normal” living becomes increasingly important.  As humans, we are social beings.  We crave connections, engagement, and the opportunity for collaboration.  It brings out our creativity and is how we learn, grow, and evolve – together.  Try as we might, a conversation or brainstorming session is just not as good virtually as it is when we are together in person.

Issaquah offers the best of all worlds for business and its workforce.  Many office environments in this suburban community have ground floor entry, ample parking, nearby amenities, and the space necessary in which to collaboratively work.  If you are a business or start-up entrepreneur attempting to sort out “what’s next,” you’re encouraged to reflect first upon company values and workforce needs.  How is technology used?  Where has there been “pain” in the organization? And what, if anything, has been missing for the team or individuals working remotely?  What do commute patterns look like and where do your employees live?  Do you need a large office, or can you downsize or shift?  What do you want for your business in one, two, five and ten years?

The office of the future will respect personal space, allow for movement and must be dynamic.  If a business is not changing and adapting, it runs the risk of dying or not keeping up with industry competitors.  The office environment must also equally change and adapt.  Office hours will likely never be the same as before, but the beauty of change is that’s what keeps a business fresh and competitive.

If you are looking to make a change, we can help.  We’ve navigated COVID while keeping our office and our buildings open and safely operating the entire time and in doing so, pioneered many of the best practices that are important in today’s workplace.  We’d love to share our thoughts and aspirations for the future of work and the office environment. We know no two offices are the same and as a result, we offer a wide variety of spaces for lease.  No one knows Issaquah better, so even if we cannot meet your needs in our Rowley Center or Hyla Crossing neighborhoods, we will help you find a space that meets your needs.