The 12 months of 2021!

Rowley Holiday E Card 2020

Despite the challenges of the past year, Rowley Properties and businesses that call Rowley Center and Hyla Crossing home here in Issaquah have faced adversity, overcome challenges, and had a little fun along the way.  Celebrate these success stories with us as we look back at 2021:

  • January:  Gaslamp Bar and Grill wins Business of the Year 2020
  • February:  REI leases 2005 Poplar building & selects Issaquah as its homebase
  • March:  Rowley Fashion Week
  • April:  Formula Brewing celebrates 1 Year anniversary
  • May:  New Rowley Storage website “unpacked”
  • June:  Rowley office reopens for customers
  • July:  Issaquah delivers Concerts on the Green; Rowley Properties helps sponsor
  • August:  Dicks Food truck makes record-breaking appearance during Rowley Food Truck Program
  • September:  2005 Poplar building featured on CNN as a workplace of the future
  • October:  Salmon Days celebrates 53 years of salmon return
  • November:  2005 Poplar nominated as a finalist in NAIOP’s Night of the Stars “Development of the Year”
  • December:  Village Theatre re-opens season with Welcome Home Holiday concert


From resolutions to bucket lists, we hope you check them all off this coming year!  Happy New Year!