Wedgewood Finds His Home in the 2005 Poplar Lobby

2005 Poplar Lobby

2005 Poplar

2005 Poplar is Rowley Properties’ newest commercial office for lease.  As we planned for its construction, we engaged VIS Designs to blend a Pacific NW theme with the modern features of the building.  Its lobby was designed to be welcoming.  It was important to us that the lobby reflected a commitment to nature and sustainability.  We considered Wedgewood the buck to be a key factor to consider early on in the design process.

Wedgewood the Buck

Designing the lobby to incorporate Wedgewood the buck was quite the experience for us.  Skip Rowley bought Wedgewood at a Performing Arts Center Eastside fundraising auction thinking he’d look great outdoors in our Tibbetts Creek Greenway. Unfortunately, upon arrival to Rowley Properties it became clear Wedgewood was not graffiti-proof and therefore, an indoor buck.  Weighing just over 300 pounds, Wedgewood has a strong presence which required a stately place to call “home.”  After over 12 years of residing in our conference room, Wedgewood finally reached his final destination at 2005 Poplar in November.  His new habitat is now fitting of his stature, especially since he’s closer to nature and the Tibbetts Creek Greenway!

About Wedgewood’s Artist

Wedgewood was created by Petronella Fursman.  Petronella grew up in England where families showed off their best china tea sets during afternoon tea.  Tea sets were often delicate bone china decorated with flowers, leaves, birds, and sometimes trimmed with gold leaf.  Many an afternoon tea was used to solve problems or opportunities, great or small, over a “nice up of tea”!  Her childhood memories of tea time inspired Wedgewood’s “Buck” creation to look like fine china.  We hope 2005 Poplar’s lobby and with Wedgewood’s inspiration, be a place of collaboration. 

Graypants Lighting

Graypants Scraplights, a local PNW company, created another focal point for 2005 Poplar’s lobby.  With a nod towards sustainability, we chose lighting that would also be visually appealing and fun.  As a result, those looking up cannot help but smile.  We love how they are contemporary, tough and elegant.  Precision cut with a laser and assembled by hand.  All Scraplights are non-toxic and include a fire retardant.   

In closing, home is where the heart is.  Or at 2005 Poplar’s instance, shall we say “home” is where the art is?