Rowley Center

With convenient access to transit and I-90, Rowley Center has urban character, walkability and ample amenities. It is an active, more high-energy neighborhood with strong commerce, entertainment, service and recreational opportunities. The future heart of the neighborhood will be a public plaza with a vibrant atmosphere.

As one of the highest-density areas of Issaquah, people are constantly moving through Rowley Center making it a place where you will meet people and get connected. Tibbett’s Valley Park is located a few blocks away and offers outdoor recreation opportunities such as soccer, tennis, skateboarding, and softball. The entire area is flat, walkable and bike-friendly. With convenient routes to Seattle and Bellevue, the Transit Center is directly next door and you’ll find a grocery store, restaurants and retail shops right across the street. All of this makes Rowley Center the perfect neighborhood for those who don’t want to spend their life in a car.


an environment where commerce and community connect


We have been searching for a place to retire for quite a while now. On a whim, we decided to come to Washington and look for a smaller town with some amenities but still close enough to Seattle. We found Issaquah.

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn and it was fantastic, perfect. Waking up to the tree covered hill outside the window with the low clouds dangling over the tree tops. The smell of the rain and grass. Even saw a coyote pop its head out across the street coming out of the woods. The room was awesome, had all the little things we wanted, fridge, microwave etc, even a keurig coffee maker. It's in a great location near the freeway, but, don't worry, its quiet. Family friendly too. We absolutely fell in love. It is everything we expected and more. The staff is generous and pleasant, the guests are as well. The WIFI was fine, no issues. Breakfast in the morning is the usual fare but just kind of seemed better. Everyone is very accommodating.

Lots of little shops and restaurants near by. If you drive a couple blocks just past the light where the Burger King is and make a left into the little shopping plaza, there is a fantastic diner recommended by the staff called the Issaquah Cafe. We have been back twice now and already planning our next visit.

We are very finicky and hard to please but this hotel and location are wonderful.

Pamela Trayner - Guest at Hilton Garden Inn in Hyla Crossing (via TripAdvisor)

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Many companies already make Rowley Center and Hyla Crossing their home. From technology firms to doctor offices, Rowley Center and Hyla Crossing serve a wide range industries.

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Hyla Crossing

Hyla Crossing is a destination, a place you move to. There is easy access and visibility to and from I-90, yet nature is a powerful presence at the base of Cougar Mountain, with its heavily wooded hillsides and access to hiking trails.

As the gateway to Issaquah and the mountains beyond, Hyla Crossing offers abundant outdoor recreational opportunities including skiing at Snoqualmie Pass and soccer, swimming and kayaking at Lake Sammamish State Park. The clear, musical waters of Tibbetts Creek and the rich habitat around it frame a focal point for this neighborhood – a public park at the terminus of Gilman Boulevard with a trail along the creek. It is here, in this place, where nature and humans coexist and prosper, that you can immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and draw upon that environment to - Let Your Nature Begin™.  Just as the wonders of nature have inspired mankind for generations, Hyla Crossing’s beautiful setting serves as the inspiration for a special kind of creativity, entrepreneurialism and innovation that will be manifested in this neighborhood community. Residents who live here will be drawn by the convenient location, peaceful environment, neighborhood amenities, access to recreational opportunities and beautiful setting.  It will be a carefully envisioned, richly designed place for a variety of uses and users.


a destination where people and nature coexist



Thank you for your assistance with leasing our first office space. It’s a significant milestone for us and are happy to share this moment with Rowley…Working with Rowley has been a wonderful experience, you are patient and accommodating while ensuring you are doing the right thing for your company. I am sure the move and settling in process will be equally wonderful.

Suren, CloudMaag (via TripAdvisor)

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Many companies already make Rowley Center and Hyla Crossing their home. From technology firms to doctor offices, Rowley Center and Hyla Crossing serve a wide range industries.

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